How to choose beds, buggies and rockers: money saving tips from Loren and Richelle - Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

How to choose beds, buggies and rockers: money saving tips from Loren and Richelle

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Loren and Richelle give their top tips on how to save money when buying prams, cots, and other things that you might be wondering whether to buy before your baby arrives.

Here’s what they say in the video in case you can’t watch it…

Loren: I wish I had spent more money on a pram because I was constantly going through buggies. They were breaking every four weeks, so I would advise anyone to invest in a decent pram that can take you right through up to the age of 3.

And you can get the travel systems as well, where they can be the carrier or the buggy. And sometimes you get a free car seat as well, so I think that’s a good investment.

Richelle: I’ve gone through 3 buggies. Not because they broke or anything, it’s just that my first buggy… it was good for when he was a baby ’cause of the carry cot and the car seat but when he got bigger, I don’t think he was used to facing the world and that was a front-facing one.

So then I had to get a Bugaboo that you can switch it, and… then I got a Maclaren, and then I sold it.

I’ve gone through buggies just for the simple fact that there’s different times in a child’s life when they have to experience different things, so when he grew out of the car seat and carry cot I don’t think he was quite ready to face the front, like how a normal buggy is, so I think he was still used to seeing my face when we’re going about to do some shopping and stuff, so I needed a buggy that faced me.

Then when he got big enough, he wanted to see the world and… do you get what I mean? It was kind of, I had to alternate it to his liking ’cause obviously I didn’t want him to be a moody child.

So the electric rocker, Zac’s dad bought that, and I didn’t really use it for the first week that we got back from hospital – he was like almost a month old then, and then when I did use it he didn’t really stay in it for very long, maybe 5 minutes.

Loren: I would definitely, definitely recommend investing in loads of baby sheets and a mattress protector because the amount of sick and other stuff that gets on the mattress, it’s worth buying one of them first, than having to go out and buy a whole new mattress.

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