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Confidence during pregnancy: I wish I’d had more

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Amber from MTV’s Teen Mom UK spoke to us about her confidence during pregnancy, and what she’d say to her pregnant self. 

Here are some highlights from Amber’s vlog about confidence during pregnancy:

‘Be confident in yourself and just remember who you are.’

Read Amber’s story:

I feel like I didn’t have any confidence. Obviously you’ve got your baby inside you, you’ve got your bump on show, if that makes sense but you’ve still got to have confidence with you know, you are pregnant, you are going to have a baby and I was saying before actually that.

When I was pregnant, I was at college, so I felt like I was getting judged a lot and I really let people get to me, really let them get to me… it really got into my head. Started you know having a few doubts like ‘Oh my god, people are being really nasty,’ and stuff like that. I just kind of lost myself a little bit. I think, you know your hormones are all over the place but then I also had a bit of depression as well but in the case of being judges, I was very paranoid and stuff like that.

So I think now, having been through all that and how everything’s turned out, everything’s fine. You know I’ve got hundreds of friends now who are very supportive and stuff like that.

If I could give any advice to my pregnant self it would just be, be confident in yourself and just remember who you are and just remember you know, at the end of all this, all this judging, all these nasty comments, you’re there with a beautiful, little child you know and it’s all worth it.

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