Dads take on night-time nappy change responsibility

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A new survey by Mintel has found that 71% of British dads say they change their baby’s nappy at night. In comparison, 64% of mums say that they’re responsible for night-time changes.

As a result, the survey states that mums get more sleep at night compared to dads: 57% of mums sleep for seven hours or more compared to 54% of dads.

However, it’s the mums who are doing the majority of the nappy changes during the daytime. According to Mintel, 59% of mums take responsibility for changing their youngest child’s nappy four to six times every day.

Other findings in the survey showed that dads are becoming more proactive when it comes to buying products for the baby. The study found that men are more likely to buy traditional baby products such as baby lotion, baby powder and baby oil, compared to women.

Fathers are also more likely to run out and replace an item immediately after it’s run out. Unfortunately, many of these dads find this overwhelming: 56% say that buying baby products causes them distress.

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