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Little Lullaby

Dating on a budget for under £20! 

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Young parent couple

Thanks to Sophie, mum to Delilah and Indiana, for putting together this fab list of date ideas!

After the birth of our second child postnatal depression had really struck me in a bad way.

My mind was everywhere and I had to prioritise my children and my mental health before anything else and unfortunately my relationship was last on that list.

We were living together like friends; we didn’t even hold hands let alone have sex.

We was very close to breaking up when my boyfriend’s dad sat us down and said “Come on guys! You are great together and you need to spend time together to work on you two as a couple”. So once a month we make a special effort to spend a day or night together.

With saving for a house and raising two children there isn’t much budget for extravagant dates so we thought up some affordable ideas to work with our disposable income.

Some of these ideas can be done whilst your children are in bed or if you are lucky enough to get a child free day/night.

  • Getting in fish and chips. Still a takeaway but super cheap! Or if you’re close to the beach sit and watch the waves
  • Hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows outside wrapped in a blanket
  • Mini BBQ, beer and playing cards in the garden (for summer months!). Some of the best times my boyfriend and I have had are out in the garden playing silly games
  • Mexican night! Cook up a storm together making yummy enchiladas and watching a film. Even making Mexican cocktails. Sombreros and fake moustaches can make a good laugh
  • Go on a charity/vintage shop. You can spend pennies and hunt for some gems. If you find any furniture you can fix them up together!
  • Go to the funfair together. A funfair visits our town about twice a year and it’s a completely different experience without the kids asking to go on everything and wanting candyfloss/hotdogs/other random sugar filled treats
  • Museum trip! If you live near one they are normally free. Get cultured. Wonder around hand-in-hand with coffees
  • Do a workout together at home or go for a run
  • A picnic and to feed the ducks. Childish as it sounds it’s really fun. Sneak a couple of ciders in the basket with a few favourite nibbles. If Julia Roberts and Richard Gere can do it as a date, why not you?
  • Bake a cake together and eat it over Great British Bake Off
  • Find a nice coffee shop and have a brunch
  • Hire bikes and go for a trip round the city

Hope you enjoy your dates!

You can keep up with Sophie and her family on her awesome blog!

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