A day in the life of a young working mum - Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

A day in the life of a young working mum

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Young mum

Young mum Linda lets us into her life as a working parent…

Uniform and work clothes laid out the night before. Makes the mornings run a little smoother.

6AM wake up time – it never gets easier waking up at this time.

Jay giving a little ‘Dab’ action before he heads off to breakfast club. Funny thing is he has breakfast at home before going to breakfast club at school.

This is my reality most mornings. Delays, packed trains, hot breath and body odour.

Listening to some of my fave tunes and playing ‘Panda Pop’ on my journey to work.

The train decided to stop & wait at each station to regulate the service (the most annoying thing ever) still made it just in time!

Black coffee to start my morning off. I honestly don’t know how or why I got into liking black coffee. I used to think coffee in general was vile until I started working. I usually just have the one in the morning just to wake me up as opposed to my colleagues who have 3-4 a day! (They’re a hyperactive bunch).

Tried to pick something relatively healthy for lunch. 3 bean soup and jalapeno roll…

…But how do you stay healthy when you’re stuck in an office full of colleagues who have branded Fridays ‘Fat Girl Fridays.’ (I didn’t have any slices of pizza by the way).

I broke – no will power over these.

I figured the cream in the middle of the Twister provided calcium and the strawberry was fruit so I guess it was somewhat a healthy pick amongst the bunch.

I’ve managed to kill every plant I’ve tried to grow in this office. My cactus doesn’t look too happy.

Tonight’s dinner is actually a meal I prepped earlier in the week (I only have to boil the rice) which saves me time cooking a whole meal after work. (We were too hungry to actually remember to take the picture before eating).

After dinner and homework Jay and I decided to play a game of checkers… he won!

Book before bed at 8pm and then I get a little mummy time to catch up on TV and prep again for the next morning.