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Dealing with a break up and being a parent

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Any break up is hard and I think being a parent and going through a breakup is even harder!!!

My way to get over someone is too keep busy. Work more hours, go out with friends, but being a parent cancels most of those options out.

Although I am so rushed off my feet with Marliya I still find I have a lot of thinking time which means that it can make a break up even harder. I also find that although Marliya is my best friend, talking to a 2-year-old isn’t the same as talking to my friends and when I start feeling lonely a breakup can get even harder.

So after going through my break up with Manley I really found that going for walks with Marliya helped. Just getting out the house can make my day so much easier.

I also just told myself every single day that no matter what I would always have Marliya and that my relationship with her meant so much more than with Manley. That helped me more than anything ever could of.

Coping with a breakup with Marliya was hard because having to contact Manley every day made it very hard to move on. I get over someone quickly by cutting them off completely whereas with Manley because we have to co-parent Marliya it made it so difficult.

My friends were my biggest support. If I ever needed a shoulder to cry on no matter what time it was they would always be there for me. They would come round, give me lifts and take me and Marliya out for the day. They really were my rocks.

 I think just having in the back of my mind that Marliya is the priority and that she is always stuck in the middle of the drama and will always be effected really held me back a lot. I would stop myself from saying stuff I knew I would regret because I would look at Marliya’s face and think she loves both of us and it’s so unfair to be stuck in the middle.

No matter what happens in your relationship just try and think about your child and how your mood affects them. Look after yourself and make your happiness one of your top priorities as a happy parent makes a happy child.