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Loren is a young mum who lost her first son Archie to SIDS when he was just 6 weeks old. She’s written this blog during Baby Loss Awareness Week to help parents who have lost their baby before or after birth to find support and to remind them how brave and strong they are. 


Getting support 

There is no right or wrong way of coping, don’t rush yourself because everyone is different.

Grieving can be an emotional roller-coaster and your emotions will be up and down at times, but remember you don’t need to go through this alone.

You may not want to talk, but if you need to, there is plenty of support out there for you and your family when you feel like it’s the right time.

You can get support from your local healthcare professionals, local support groups and there are many great charities out there that can provide help including the Lullaby Trust.

Remember, it is never too early or late to seek help.

No one baby is the same and neither are you as a parent, although sometimes speaking to other mums or dads who are bereaved and have grieved can give you hope.

You can speak to someone you know personally, or you can be paired up with a befriender from a baby loss charity.

Other ways of coping with your emotions 

You may be feeling a lot of negative energy and emotions such as anger, guilt and sadness. You may question why this happened to you, or you may be completely numb. This is all normal.

You may find it useful to redirect some of this energy into something positive such as exercising, working on a keepsake for your baby such as a memorial garden, photo collage or getting involved with a charity.

As a bereaved parent, I genuinely didn’t understand how I could possibly survive, but you will overcome this with the right support, and in the right time your strength will grow.

Always remember that you’re still a mum or a dad. The love you feel for your child is what makes you a parent, nothing can change that and it will stay with you forever.

For further support, you can get in touch with the following charities and organisations:

The Lullaby Trust, 11 Belgrave Road, London SW1V 1RB Registered Charity Number: 262191. Registered Company Number 01000824

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