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Falling pregnant pushed me off my path but onto a better one

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Young mum, Shannon, became a mum at 18 and has shared how falling pregnant pushed her off her original path but onto a better one!

Dropping out of college

When I first fell pregnant, I was doing my A levels, I was doing dance, psychology and sociology. I informed the school and they didn’t take to it very well. They didn’t want me to do my exams in case I gave birth during my exam because it was during exam season.

They sort of pushed me to not finish and they said I could come back after but it never happened. I had operations to be a dancer at the time, so that sort of affected me doing that A level in particular because I wasn’t physically able to do the practical side of it anymore. It was very early on in my pregnancy with my first daughter, I suffered really bad with morning sickness. I think after 10 or 11 weeks, I left college and I was doing nothing at home for the whole period of the time.

Feeling low when you’re pregnant

The sickness was really bad, even to the point where getting on the bus I couldn’t handle it. Also the tiredness, you’re so tired you don’t really feel yourself, you just wanna stay in and stay away.

Your friendship groups, when they find out your pregnant, they don’t really wanna invite you to things any more, like they pretend that they support you, but really it’s like, you don’t get invited to anything. They don’t wanna know, they don’t come round and visit cause they think you don’t want that so then you sort of feel alone in terms of friendships, so I just felt like I should stay at home.

A new path and better path

Falling pregnant sort of pushed me off my path but doing that, I think it happened for the best because it sort of deferred me to the path that I want to do now, which is becoming a nurse. So I think it happened for a reason.

My advice if you’ve fallen pregnant during education

I enrolled into college to do access to nursing. It’s not easy but the best thing you could do is to have yourself a plan. So I have a 10-year time frame where I want to have things and achieve things. So as long as I have that in mind, it sort of motivates me to continue what I’m doing but you just need to think, you’re doing this for your kids.

I want to have a career so I can fend for my kids. That’s all that motivates me to do what I need to do and get it done. And in a few years, I’ll be a nurse. It’ll be everything for the better so it’s just having that motivation, maybe having a supportive group behind you as well.

I have my husband who is very, very supportive. If I just say, can you have the kids for a little bit while I do an assignment, he’ll do it. Even if you don’t have a partner, I live with my nan and my nan is very supportive. So finding that support system, having that plan. and manage your time effectively. I have a calendar on my wall and each day I write down what I’ve got to do each day and how I can achieve it.

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