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How my family reacted to my pregnancy

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This topic is something that most young mothers that are yet to tell their parents are frightened of — and trust me, this was something that I was definitely frightened of!

I found out I was pregnant when I was 17, back in March 2015. The day after I found out I was expecting, my mum found out too. And boy, was I shocked that she knew!

To this very day I still don’t know how she found out that I was pregnant.

After my mum heard the news, she stopped talking to me for about four or five months. At the time – I’ll be honest – I didn’t really care. However, after I had my exams, it really started to bother me.

I was more upset and I couldn’t go to my mum and ask her for advice and find out about her experiences of being pregnant. I wanted to know what I should eat, what I should avoid.

I felt like becoming a mother is an experience I should have been able to go through with my own mum by my side, helping me through the ups and downs.

My sisters were different: they all adjusted to the fact that I was pregnant about two months after it all came out.

Not everyone is going to have such a difficult time, this was just my own personal experience. Families react in different ways and some mums and dads will be a lot more accepting and supportive than others.

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If you’re going through a similar situation or need help

Try contacting the Family Nurse Partnership for advice.

If your family has reacted badly and you’re in need of emergency housing, Shelter’s advice site has lots of further info.