How to find your new home (with a little one in tow!) - Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

How to find your new home (with a little one in tow!)

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

So, my son Tom and I got the news we have been waiting for — an offer for a house and I am absolutely over the moon!

How I found my new house

First I come up with a budget plan to see if I could afford to move out and how much rent I could pay by adding up my income such as wages, benefits and any other money I receive.

Then I checked to see if I was entitled to any benefits on and then deducted my outcomes like food, bills, rent, work expenses and school meals.

For the first few weeks I looked on house sites such as Zoopla and Rightmove, and also Gumtree, then called my local housing association to see if they had any availability on any houses in the area – they called me back the next day with an offer for a house and to my amazement, in my parent’s street.

If you’re not sure about all the options for getting help with your own house or flat, you can get more information on this site about council housing and housing association options.

How to choose your dream home: things to consider

The things I would take into consideration house hunting are:

  • Distance from school and the reputations of schools in the area; you can ask to visit the schools before registering and do a particle timed run, and you can read the school’s Ofsted reports to get an idea of what the school is like.
  • Traveling the route and times to work collage or uni: check how long the journey will be on route planner on Google Maps.
  • Distance from family and friends
  • Price if I could afford it (by deducting outcomes from incomes).
  • Distance from shops, community centre parks doctors and leisure centre: you can do this on this site and it also gives a crime rating on the area which is helpful.
  • Size and condition of the property; I specifically checked for damp as this can be very common and trigger allergies and asthma.

Time to buy furniture!

I bought some furniture brand new but got some lovely bits out of preloved charity furniture stores which was a god send as it saved me a lot of money.
I wrote a list of things I needed to buy and prioritised it to stop me getting carried away by spending a fortune on scented candles and luxury wallpaper, which was so hard!

A new chapter for me and Tom…

I loved living with my parents but I wanted to start a new chapter. I have found having our own home gave me a lot of independence which is something I have been wanting for a long time; being a mum, paying bills and keeping a house and learning to budget can be so rewarding.

If you need any further information on housing issues such as poor living conditions,homelessness or anything else please visit the Shelter or Citizens Advice websites, or contact your local council.