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Little Lullaby

Work and childcare: finding a job that works for you and your child

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

The retail job that I did before, I had set hours, it was evenings, it was a bit of a nightmare.

Me and Jordan had no time together, he worked all day, I worked all evening and I worked most weekends, Bank Holidays, the lot.

I thought I really wanted to get out of retail, so then I worked at home for six months ,which was good. It was really flexible but I feel I could go a bit crazy in the same four walls and you get distracted quite easily at home. People say ‘oh it’s easy at home’, but I find it quite distracting. If I stay at home with Marley and I have got to work, I can’t because I have to sort Marley out and then if I am at home, I start cleaning and feel like I can’t concentrate as much. It’s a bit boring not having that conversation; you haven’t got people around you, just these four walls around you. So that was fine and it wasn’t like payments were set every month, it always went up and down, I feel like because we have a house and a mortgage we cannot rely on that.

We were fine financially and it did work but we wanted it to be set if that makes sense and I was going stir crazy like I needed human contact other than a baby.

I’ve just started working now with my dad, so it is really good because it is my dad he understands a bit more. If I say Marley’s sick could I come in at lunch time say and do the whole day, he will check if that is OK on the shop floor then he is like ‘that’s fine it works for everyone else so you can’. And my hours, he’ll say,‘ I need you to do three days and so many hours but you can do whatever hours in the day’.

So I picked 9-3pm because then I drop Marley off, I have an hour to sort myself out then I finish work, come home sort myself out pick Marley up, so it is perfect really, kind of my dream job at the minute and it doesn’t involve bank holidays and weekends.

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