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How being a mum has changed me

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Happy Mother’s Day! To celebrate mothers of all ages, Ellie explains how her life has changed for the better since she had her baby boy, Isaac.

Here’s what Ellie says in the video if you can’t watch it…

I’m Ellie, I had Isaac when I was 19. I fell pregnant with him when I was 18, a few months after leaving sixth form. And he’s changed me in so many ways, and he’s definitely brought out the best side of me.

Whilst I was at school, I intended to study philosophy at university but it just wasn’t really working out at school. I didn’t think it was what I really really wanted to do. So I left school.

I didn’t really have any plans, and then I got pregnant with him and I just became fascinated with pregnancy – the anatomy of it, and everything to do with it.

After I had him, I found myself supporting a lot of other mothers and parents. And then I discovered that I wanted to be a midwife because that’s just what I wanted to do permanently — if I’d never had Isaac I wouldn’t have discovered that.

Having Isaac’s definitely made me [a] much more empathetic person and it’s given me a sense of purpose, so my self-esteem has never been higher, really.

Doing the work with Little Lullaby has given me… for a start, it’s given me a really good thing to put on job applications and my CV. It’s given me such good experience working with other young parents.

And writing blogs so therefore I can demonstrate my creative side. And it’s given me a lot of confidence as well, knowing that I’m doing a good thing to help other young parents.

My main group of mum friends are some of the most supportive, nicest people that I’ve ever met, and I would never have met them if I didn’t have Isaac because a lot of them are different ages to me, and I probably wouldn’t have come across them in any other scenario.

But I’m so glad I have that friendship group for support. And I’ve met so many people through becoming a parent, being exposed to the parenting world, that I just wouldn’t have come across without him.

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