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How do you deal with tantrums?

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Are you finding it difficult to approach your little one’s tantrums? We asked a couple of the lovely young mums on our Young Parent Panel and Teen Mom UK about how they deal with tantrums.

Amber from Teen Mom UK – young mum to Brooklyn, 2

‘One of the biggest struggles as a Mum I have right this minute in time is, now that Brooklyn’s 2 years of age, he’s in his ‘terrible twos,’ I find it really hard to actually cope with his behaviour.

We’d be out shopping and he’d be screaming and screaming and like get people’s attention, people looking and I’m just like – I felt a bit embarrassed you know and I’m just thinking ‘I don’t know what to do, I really don’t know what to do.’

I took myself to some little parent classes just to get a bit of help and support and how I can handle these situations.

Instead of using like verbally shouting etc, I just thought a calm way to do it or deal with it is just to put him in the corner.

He knows now that corner is his naughty corner and if he’s naughty that’s where he’ll go and sit and because I’ve been doing that for the past month now, he’s kind of getting used to it so I can say to him like ‘that’s really naughty Brooklyn, don’t do that, go to the corner.’

Honestly just doing that has helped me so much like, you know he’s starting to realise now that being naughty is bad in a way.’

Ellie, young mum to Isaac, 2

‘If Isaac’s having a tantrum because he cant have what he wants, I don’t cave in but I give him lots of cuddles and kisses until he does calm down. I found that breastfeeding helped too!’

Charlie, young mum to Jayden, 4

Charlie explains that breaks in routine for children with additional needs can be too much.

‘As they start to feel more confused and anxious it usually means behaviour starts to get worse and tantrums/meltdowns become more frequent. We tend to take each day as it comes during the breaks and try to do lots of visual prompts to keep Jayden in the know.’

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