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How to achieve anything as a young mum: Amber’s advice

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Little Lullaby

As well as appearing on Teen Mom UK, Amber has been to college, brought her son Brooklyn up as a single parent, lives on her own and is following her dreams in her career, too.

So we asked her to give her top tips on achieving what ever you like as a young mum — here’s what she told us!

Here’s what Amber says in the video if you can’t watch it…

If you’ve got your mind set on something then you need to go for it. Y’know, don’t give up on it, whether you find out you’re pregnant, whether you split up with your boyfriend, whether you’ve got family problems. Don’t ever, ever, ever give up on your dreams because just think…

All I think is in 10 years time this is where I wanna be and this is what I wanna do – I want to achieve them.

And, to be honest, 10 years ago, I actually remember saying to myself, I wanna do this, this, that and this and most of them have actually come true. Like, most of them have.

Obviously there were a few what didn’t come true like I didn’t obviously plan to be pregnant but it’s actually made my life… better.