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How to do Christmas on a budget

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

OMG! How are we thinking of Christmas already?!

I start planning way in advance because Christmas is an expensive time of year especially for a young parent. Here are my tips on how to do Christmas on a budget.

  • Be food savvy – Firstly cut out a massive cost and go to your relatives for Christmas Day. Costs nothing to eat at your parents! If that’s not possible stock things earlier on in the freezer from places like Aldi and if people are coming over ask them to bring pudding and booze!
  • Follow the five present rule – 1 main present (the “big one”), something that they’ve asked for that costs the majority of the budget. This year Delilah has asked for a Baby Annabell, which retails at £60 so that’s a main one. 2 medium presents maybe something they can wear or need, then 2 small ones like play doh or books. Equally shop around! The Entertainer normally do good deals or contact a company for a discount code – might be cheeky but 9/10 they will be willing to offer you something
  • Ask family and friends to buy accessories to accompany the main one. Delilah’s grandad is buying the pram that goes with the baby Annabell, her uncle is buying her clothes for the doll
  • Don’t put it on credit, save for it! Get an extra shift or sell some old bits. It’s better in the long run. I plan ahead and put money away through the year
  • A brutal one but your kids don’t need an elf on the shelf, a Christmas Eve box, a visit to Winter Wonderland etc. They won’t call child line I promise! What they want is to watch movies with you, play games and spend time together
  • Buy super cheap wrapping paper! It only gets ripped off and recycled. I bought expensive frozen gloss paper for Delilah’s first Christmas and she couldn’t even get it off!
  • Make homemade gifts for adults so you’ve still got them token gifts. I made salt dough decorations with my 2 year old last year. We had so much fun and the grandparents loved them. This year I’m going to make gingerbread biscuits and wrap them up
  • Buy your partner something they want! One year I added the Sports package to our account and he got the Movies on it for me. We’ve used it all year round! As adults, if we want something we buy it ourselves so it’s silly to waste money on lynx gift sets
  • Christmas holidays can be expensive too! My daughter has three weeks off so I’m already researching plans of creative things we can make and bake

I hope you have a great Christmas whatever you do and always remember it’s who’s around the tree not what’s under it.

Sophie x

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