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Little Lullaby

Why I love being a mum: my top 5 magic moments

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Rosie, daughter of young mum Olivia

I love being a Mum – it’s a roller-coaster! It’s the most rewarding, exciting and pretty damn amazing experience ever.

I’ve learnt so much about myself since Rosie was born. I have loved every single second since becoming a mummy and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Of course there are ups and downs but it’s those amazing moments that make it all so worth it.

I want to share with you my top 5 magical moments since having Rosie.

1. The connection 

Nothing can beat holding a baby in your arms and spending hours cuddling them, kissing them, staring at them. One of my favourite things is when Rosie wrapped her hand around my finger, I just found it so amazing how someone can be that small and that someone was a part of me.

Getting our tan on this afternoon ? #mummyanddaughter #toddler #17months #sunnyday

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I suppose it’s the sort of feeling you can’t fully explain until you’ve experienced it. The connection you feel when you hold your baby, especially newborn is one of the most amazing feelings, almost makes the sick, smelly nappies and waking up at 3am ok!

2. Rosie’s first Mother’s Day

I think the one I remember the best was Mother’s Day. It was a day where I felt really proud of myself and very spoilt!

Came across this little gem today. One of my favourite photos of Rosie from last year at Uncle Dan’s ?

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What was also amazing was sharing it with my own mum. I think it was one of those moments were I was so grateful for everything she has done for me and I just hope I can be an amazing mum to Rosie, like mine is to me.

3. Her first Christmas

Christmas was another big one mostly because I LOVE Christmas, it’s my favourite time of the year so I really wanted to make Rosie’s first Christmas special.

She wasn’t even 1 at the time so obviously she has no memory of it but it is something I will never forget.

4. The first time she smiled

Rosie was in her cot whilst I was getting ready for the day, I could hear her cooing so I went over and started talking to her and then she smiled!

Just out of nowhere and I cried my eyes out, obviously happy tears! That was a truly magical moment.

5. Her first bath 

The first time I gave Rosie a bath was one of the moments where I really felt like a mum. She was so small, so tiny and I was so worried about dropping her or doing something wrong. As soon as I got her dry and in PJs I felt like I could do anything.

Since having Rosie I’ve become a bit of an obsessive freak when it comes to routine and organisation. Bath time is a huge part of the day, Rosie loves her bath and I love them too, I get so much joy out of looking after her from just the smallest things like getting her dressed every day to brushing her hair.

6. Treasure!

Rosie is 100% an outdoors kid. We are constantly out on adventures and Rosie has truly turned into a little explorer. Wherever we go out, either for a walk or a little run around somewhere, Rosie loves looking around and taking everything in.

Rosie Posie always brightens up my day ????❤

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That includes picking up everything she finds interesting and giving it to me, putting it in my pocket or keeping hold of it until we are home.

This has become such a regular occurrence I have now made a little treasure box for all of Rosie’s little findings. It’s the little things that mean a lot and sometimes I can’t help but smile when I got out and go into my pocket and pull out a bunch of leaves and a couple of sticks.

7. Watching her development 

I think one of the most rewarding things about being a mum is watching your child grow. Seeing them walk for the first time or feeding them for the first time and knowing you are responsible for their achievements, it makes you feel so proud of yourself and I don’t think you can beat that feeling!

One of my favourite things has been seeing Rosie grow from a baby into a toddler and seeing her character really take form and her personality come out. She’s very strong willed and incredible funny! She loves to have a good dance or a little giggle; she puts a smile on my face every day.

Thanks for reading!

You can read more about Olivia and Rosie’s adventures at her blog, Rosie Posie’s World.