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I went into labour at school – during my exams!

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Leanna writes about her experience of falling pregnant whilst still at school and her labour experience which was quite eventful to say the least! 

Falling pregnant at 15 was scary enough but when I found out my due date was the last week of my GCSES it was terrifying. I was scared I wouldn’t complete all of my GCSES. As it turned out I went into labour at school – during my exams! 

I went into labour at school - and during my exams - Leanna's story

Well little did I know…

When I first found out I was pregnant, my GCSEs didn’t really cross my mind. It was November 2017 and I felt like GCSEs were a world away not (six months away).

I didn’t come into school for the first couple days after I found out because I was shocked and scared. But when I got the courage to, I told my close friends and my mum had already informed the teachers.

My school were supportive

All my friends and teachers were extremely supportive and were so excited, which made me feel at ease and ready for the challenge.

So, fast forward to May 2018, I was eight months pregnant and starting my  GCSEs. The first four weeks of my GCSEs were fine. But I always had in the back of my mind what if my waters broke and I went into labour at school. I always pictured a dramatic scene out of the movies!

The teachers and exam invigilators were so caring, they sat me at the back of the hall  just incase I needed the toilet. They were also fine if I needed to walk around if I was uncomfortable or even have a bite to eat. Of course they had to stay with me but it was nice for them to think of me. They even gave me a completely different padded chair.

I went into labour at school

So on Monday the 11th of June I was sitting one of my six science exams, during this exam I was extremely uncomfortable and kept getting sharp pains around my stomach. I told the exam manager and we went into her office. We joked around about if I went into labour at school but hoped my little boy would hold on as I was only 38 weeks.

The following day (Tuesday 12th June) was my boyfriend/father of my sons (now my ex)’s birthday so I was planning on going there after my maths exam.

When i went into the exam I told the exam manager that I’d lost my mucus plug this morning (she’d known me since I was little so I felt comfortable enough telling her). And I kept feeling quite damp on my trousers but I thought it may have been me weeing a little (as we know babies love to squash our bladders!). She reckoned it could be my waters so sat me outside her office incase I had to leave. I couldn’t concentrate on my exam too well. But I completed it before the time was up and because of my circumstances she said I could leave.

When my baby came

My son’s grandad picked me up to take me back to his to see my ex for his birthday. But when I got there I told him I thought my waters were leaking.

I rang the hospital and they told me to come up. They checked and confirmed it was my waters and thought I may have been leaking for a couple of days. So I got induced.

I ended up having a C-section but the important thing was that my baby was safe.

Jaiden-Lee was born on the 13th June 2018 at 6.10pm weighing 6lbs 13oz.

I ended up missing three GCSEs but they weren’t important subjects and that was the furthest thought from my mind at this point.

Going back to college

Once everything calmed down, when Jaiden was three months old all of my friends started college, sixth form etc. Originally my plan was to take a year out but in a split decision I decided to enroll at college studying beauty therapy and the following week I started. My son went to his Grandad’s three days a week while I was at college and at first it was fun and nice to still feel like a ‘normal’ teenager. But, as the weeks went on and Jaiden was four months, mum guilt had me. And I felt so bad for not being with him. I also missed him so bad and having sleepless nights and then coming into college for some days eight hours was SO exhausting!

I dropped out of college and realised it was too soon.

Find what works for you

Don’t be afraid to give things a go because you never know whether it will work for you or not.

My tips for any young mums still in school is carry on! Don’t stop going to school because you’re worried what people will say. Because I promise you once you’ve had your baby no one else will matter. All you’ll care about is your family and your future. GCSEs play a part in your future so do the hard work now. People will judge you no matter what you’re doing so ignore them and carry on.

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