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Why I’m giving up my time to support other young mum

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Young mum Jayde runs She Walks with Mama B — a young mum support group — to inspire others to be courageous and follow their dreams, and even runs breakfasts to connect other young mums with mentors. Here she talks about why she dedicates her time to inspiring others.

Here’s what Jayde says in the video if you can’t watch it…

Having a baby at 15 I would say was really hard…

I never really had any support from my family or I never really had any support from organisations or social services or housing. 


I really felt like I had to do it alone so joining my church and giving my life to Christ has really opened my mind to what God has assigned me to do and I feel like that is to help other young mums.

So I am in the process of trying to start up an organisation called She Walks with Mama B…

…which will be an organisation for mums to be the best, to be courageous and to be successful and to basically be whatever it is they wanna become.

So with this organisation what I have done personally is to go out and find other organisations that help young mums, because it’s not that there’s not organisations out there — there’s Little Lullaby, the Best Start team, there’s the Young Mum’s Support Network.

There’s a lot of organisations that are out there that young mums just don’t know about.

It’s really hard as a young mum to sit down and find these organisations when you don’t know where they are. So what I will do is find the organisations.

When you come to me I will then say what do you need help with. If that’s housing, if that’s safe sleeping, if that’s nursery, if that’s fees, if that’s nursery fees – I will then say: “This organisation’s here – work with this organisation.”

I’ve also created a Whatsapp group chat — She Walks with Mama B Whatsapp group chat — where at the moment there’s about 93 young mums across London that will all conversate, talk about where they wanna go or what they need support in, and then I literally take that away and say, “OK, this young lady wants to start her own glitter company — what people can I talk to that can help this young lady?”


At the moment I’ve done two breakfasts for young mums…

I got mentors, I got someone – Miss Miriam – she’s from Mentor Matcher and she matches young ladies with businesses. So if you wanna be an entrepreneur, if you wanna start your own business, she then helps you and mentors you.

I’ve then linked young mums with mentors, inside the church and outside the church, that will then help and develop your skills in order for you to get out there and do whatever it is that you wanna do.

So She Walks with Mama B is she becoming whatever it is.

It’s not about me being better than you, it’s about me saying, “Mums, let’s go on this journey together.”

Mama be courageous, Mama be whatever – it is what you wanna be.

I first was introduced to Little Lullaby about almost a year ago.

I was working with a lady from the Best Start team and she said “Why don’t we go to children’s centre?” and I was like “No way, I hate children’s centres.”

Because I always feel like when I walk in there the first thing is ‘There’s a young mum,’ so I was like, “I’m not going,” but this time I was like okay let’s go.

They were doing a safer sleep talk and it was really like wow, there’s actually people here that are coming to speak to young mums. Not just coming in general to speak to mums, they’re coming especially for young mums and I was like wow, that’s really amazing.

They then said to me if I wanted to get involved more and I was like, yeah of course, because when opportunities are thrown at you, grab them.

So I was like, of course I will get involved. And since I’ve been involved, there’s so many opportunities that have been thrown my way.


So working with Little Lullaby is not just about working with the organisation.

It’s about one organisation [that] has opened up so much more – they’ve opened up things that I wanna do.

Because I think if it wasn’t for Little Lullaby I wouldn’t have so much more of a passion to help young mums.

Why – because I wouldn’t think that it’s possible. I wouldn’t think that there’s people that can help.

Follow Jayde on Instagram @shewalkswithmamab for more information about the support that she offers to young mums.