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Working together as a couple: Chloe from Teen Mom UK

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

How do you and your partner divide up the work in your house? Chloe from Teen Mom UK has some advice on working together as a couple. 

Highlights from Chloe’s vlog about working together as a couple:

‘Work as a team, just make each others’ lives easier…’

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Firstly, we’re very up and down. This is the problem with our relationship. We’re a bit like a rollercoaster but then my mum tells me that’s normal, like relationships are hard. It is all about working on relationships and you can’t agree on everything. No relationship is perfect.

So, I think you just need to work as a team. I think a lot of people used to say to me ‘well, when I worked at home’, ‘well you work at home, so you should do more’. And I just feel like no, like, I don’t mind doing that bit of extra because I’ll be at home anyway so I’ll do things without even thinking. But I feel like when Jordan comes home, instead of chucking his work clothes on the floor, just put them in the wash basket. If there’s a glass on the side, just put it in the sink or rinse it or actually wash it that will be really helpful.

Then, as a couple that’s just moving in together, you just need to work together. And for the male who doesn’t do a lot, doing the littlest thing for your partner, will make a hell of a difference. Literally, if Jordan washed the pots, I’d probably cry in happiness. Like even if he did it once a month I’d probably be like so grateful but I’d probably expect it more, I’m not gonna lie. Work as a team, just make each other’s lives easier. If you help each other, your lives are gonna be easier, less arguing.

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