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What’s worth investing in when you have a baby?

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

From baby grows to breast bumps, young mums Loren and Ellie explain what they’re glad they invested in when they had their little boys.

Here’s what Loren and Ellie say in the video if you can’t watch it…

Loren: buy baby grows that are easy to wash

So when Tom was born, I bought him loads of clothes and it was a waste of money because he was constantly being sick all over them, and in the end I was just buying baby grows from Asda or other supermarkets and they were easier to wash, so all the clothes just got left in the wardrobe.

Ellie: Invest in a baby carrier or sling

One of the best things I’ve invested in is definitely a baby carrier or a sling. I used it all the time when he was a baby.

And now he’s a bit heavier, I don’t use it as much but it’s so good if we’re going somewhere where I can’t really use the pram like going on the Tube or something.

And when he was a baby it was really nice to have him close to me and he loved it.

The safest baby carrier to use is one that keeps your baby firmly in an upright position where you can always see their face, and ensures their airway is free. Find out more at The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents website.

Loren: Spend more money on coats and shoes

I spend a lot of money on [these] because you need a good coat that’s waterproof, keeps them warm, and it’s worth spending a lot of money on.

I wouldn’t recommend spending too much on shoes, but I wouldn’t get cheap shoes either because they fall apart.

Places like Clarks, they measure – they’ve got the orthopedics inside, which support their walking and they’re good for the feet, so I’d recommend anything like that.

Also, velcro straps are a lifesaver — I’m constantly tying Tom’s laces!

Ellie: Another really good investment is cloth nappies.

We had to spend quite a lot of money on them in the beginning – it wasn’t too much, it was about £200 we’ve spent on them so far. And that’s saved us so much money in the long-run.

And another really good investment was definitely [a] breast pump. I invested in an electric one because the manual one I didn’t really get on with.

But it’s been great ’cause it meant I had a little bit more freedom — I could go out with my friends, ’cause they’re obviously still at the age where they go out quite a lot.

And also in the early days when it’s quite hard to get sleep, it meant I could get a bit of extra sleep. So if I needed the benefits of bottle feeding, I had it there if I needed it.

Loren: I would definitely get toys secondhand, they’re a lot cheaper.

There’s charity shops like Barnardo’s that have got so much toys in, and the prices are, like, half the price if not less.

And the toys accumulate anyway, so you end up with, like, a thousand toys in the house and you’ll end up getting rid of half them anyway, ’cause everyone just buys them toys for birthday, Christmas, things like that.

Also, as well, with the toys, I wouldn’t go out and buy a really expensive toy, because half the time, they’re more interested in the box, than the toy.

And kids are so imaginative, they can make anything into a toy and you see it on the shelf — this big £50 toy — and you’re child’s probably not gonna be that interested in it because it costs more, compared to something small that they can use their imagination with.

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