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Leaving your baby with a child minder: Richelle’s experience

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Little Lullaby

Young mum Richelle talks about how she felt leaving her son Zac with a child minder when she started college and her advice for finding one that you can trust.

Here’s what Richelle says in the video if you can’t watch it…

In regards to finding a child minder, it’s difficult — I know it’s difficult because when I started my course I didn’t think that [my child minder] took the child minding tokens that my school gives me, so I had to look for an alternative.

So like nurseries and all of that, and I wasn’t really comfortable with nurseries for Zac ’cause he is quite young.

I was going around for, like, 3 months looking at nurseries and child minders and it becomes stressful.

But always try and ask a friend that has a child and they’ve got a job or something, and they have a child minder. And then ask what they generally feel about the child minder, ’cause that’s a good way of finding one.

And Zac liked [my child minder] from the start so I went with who he adjusted to quicker.

So he’s good with the child minder now, he’s adjusted to her, he likes her, as well as the other kids that’s also there. So he does get that time with other kids. He’s good at interacting with them, etc.

And he develops quite a lot faster than I think kids his age are supposed to because of the amount of kids he’s around that’s quite older.

Always take care for when you look for child minders ’cause there are some that aren’t 100% good. So always beware.

I know you would probably ’cause you’re a mummy, but it’s just that you have to be sure. ‘Cause it is your child and you’re leaving [the child minder] with your child.

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