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Little Lullaby

Life in my shoes as a young parent: the ups and downs

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Young baby sucking a chocolate bar

Being a parent to a wonderful, cute and cuddly bundle of joy is the best feeling ever! All of the sacrifices are completely worthwhile because both you and your child share an unconditional love.

I wouldn’t say that I enjoy doing all the mumsy things like sterilising bottles, waking up at a certain time and getting baby food on my clothes, however, I do love watching my baby grow, laugh and learn.

It’s such an achievement seeing your child smile, sit-up or walk for the first time.

When you’re watching someone else grow up, you forget that you’re getting older yourself! One thing that annoys me is that the days seem to go so slowly but the years breeze by.

Getting into a routine is always a good idea, although following one can get quite boring! I never do the same things at the same time as it’s great to vary.

Stress, anxiety, boredom and depression are things that we all experience when having a child.

For me, it was during the pregnancy and the first three to six months after having my son. Those issues are still apparent, they’re just not as strong as I have not only my partner’s family but also my own to support me.

I’m so grateful to have people around me otherwise I think I’d go crazy!

I feel selfish sometimes for asking someone to take my son, usually to go to work (part-time) but it’s so important to me to be able to have that time away from him and also have some money coming through.

Another issue for me is that because I’m a young mum, I feel as though I’m missing out on all the social elements that someone of my age would be doing.

Although I would say that I have gained a huge amount of life skills as well as maturity.

Even if I did go out I don’t think that I would enjoy being the insensible young person because my interests have changed.

My priorities have changed too, however I would still like to do what I want career-wise. Being a female means multi-tasking and sacrificing.

As long as you stay focused and do what you love, you are destined for happiness.

I’d say that I’ve definitely become family orientated as I spend a lot more time with both families.

Going to the baby groups, visiting my mum and sitting in the park are the daily activities for us. At first, I was a little shy to go to the groups and talk to other mums because of the age gap, but now it’s not so bad as it’s important for my son to socialise with other children.

I was always embarrassed to be pregnant and push a pram, only because of my age.

Although now that my son’s 13 months, being a parent feels normal.

I think it just took time getting around the idea.

When I see other mums taking caring of their children who are often younger than my son, it reminds me of how hard the first year truly is.

I would love to have more children as it gives me a sense of purpose although the whole process is just so emotionally, physically and financially draining. Still the love you crave for that unborn child is what draws you in to the cycle once more.

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