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Living with family: the ups and downs!

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Living with family, where do I start? It’s a joy, its a pain, it’s amusing, it’s sad: it’s all of the above and more.

Living with my grandparents is brilliant — it has its ups and downs but more times it’s great.

My grandparents absolutely love and adore my kids. I believe personally they have more love for them because their grandma (my mum) passed away before getting a chance to meet any of her grandchildren so they have a special place in my grandparents’ hearts.

Yeah I know what you guys are thinking… you live with family so what you complaining about — it’s free you don’t got no bills etc…

Well for the most part you’re right. I don’t necessarily pay bills but I have to pay my way.


My grandparents are from another generation so things were done differently back then: you had to put baby on their front (but now we know that babies are safest sleeping on their backs), you had to wrap your baby in layers when they was sleeping etc (lol)… like I said, another generation. They play with my kids in ways that I can’t, it’s an old school thing.

The connection that my kids and grandparents share is one that’s indescribable. My children love my grandparents, the first things my son says other than “Morning” is “where is grandma and granddad?” He goes to join granddad in the garden to have their  morning tea?.

Olivia loves her grandma just as much; she reaches out for her as soon as she sees her in the morning.

I can see the connection more in Joshua as he’s at that age where he can communicate more: every time without fail my grandad will go out and come back with something for them. When we are away for too long Joshua will start to ask for grandad and grandma, telling me it’s time for home.

Like I said it has its ups an downs, me and my grandma disagree about silly things like what cream to use on Olivia (she thinks only coconut oil should be used) ?, how to do her hair, what shoes match the hair band…

I love my grandparents to bits and I know they love me and my kids.

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