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Sharna and Myla

Following on from Sharna’s blog on how to prepare your child for nursery or pre-school, she’s giving her advice for practical things you can do to make the transition easier.

Prepare for your child to be extremely tired!

Myla was extremely tired when she started nursery and at one point they didn’t think that she’d be able to settled in because she was so tired.

At first she was going for half-days so she wasn’t getting naps — but where’s she’s going full-days now she’s completely just got on with it and was happy.

Sharna, Anthony and Myla

But they can get really tired when they first start, which is a benefit for a parent when they get home because they just eat and then have a bath and go straight to bed!

But they can be quite groggy and tired when they’re going to nursery or coming home, so you just have to prepare for that.

Get their things ready the night before 

I would say, make sure you have their uniforms all ironed and ready for the next day because it’s a nightmare in the mornings if you’re trying to get a tired child up at 8 ‘o’ clock and they’re not used to it and they’re getting into a routine everyday.

And then they have to have breakfast — getting all the stuff you need for breakfast ready is a key thing for us in our family. Have a routine, have their clothes set out for them to be able to just get themselves ready and have their breakfast ready so you know exactly what you’re going to give them. Just having everything ready I think is a big thing in our house — routine is the key to everything.

Sharna and Ra'kye

When they’re coming home, we also have a routine so they know what they should do — getting out of their uniform and folding it up (or giving it to you so you can fold it up) and putting their shoes and coats up so it’s all ready for the next day. Routine is a big thing for getting them to school on time and getting them to bed on time.

Prepare for your child to not be as hungry once they start nursery

The more they grow up, the hungrier they get, but when they’re maybe 2-3, they’re in the stage of being fussy and particular with food so I tend to give her a small portion at dinner because she won’t eat it otherwise because she’s had a dinner-sized portion for lunch.

Sharna and Anthony

And then they have dessert and everything at school, so be prepare for them not to be as hungry when they get home.

Give them a breakfast that will fill them up

Give them something that will fill them up like porridge or just stuff with a lot of fibre and protein. Boys tend to be a bit hungrier than girls — my son will either have a bigger portion or he’ll ask to have his sister’s food that she doesn’t want to eat!

Make sure you get their uniform in advance, and buy good quality shoes

Their uniform can take a long time to come so order it as soon as possible, and be prepared for them to destroy their shoes and have to constantly buy them new ones because, especially boys, fall over a lot or they play football in them! And the hem of their trousers gets destroyed constantly.


I used to buy them cheap shoes but then they fall apart after a few wears, so now I buy Kickers (bought from Sports Direct so they’re cheaper) or Clarks instead as they last much longer.

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