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Little Lullaby

Me, Ben and Bump

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Introducing Lauren, a young mum blogging about her pregnancy and how her family took the news of her expecting a baby with her fiancé Ben.

I’ve never written a blog before so here goes…

I should start off by saying hello. My name’s Lauren (or Loz for short) and I’m 36 weeks pregnant. Me and my fiancé Ben have been together for 3 years. We have been through the good, the bad, and the damn right ugly!

But as the years have passed and things have been thrown our way we have grown stronger together. Although my pregnancy, like many others, wasn’t planned we had just moved to a totally new place and we feel our little pink bump is an absolute blessing and we found out at the right time.

We found out I was pregnant at 20 weeks so we haven’t had long to prepare for the arrival of our little girl. We’ve been constantly worrying about whether we’ll be prepared in time.

Will we get everything we need before baby’s arrival?

Fortunately I have the most amazing mum and dad! At first I was scared to tell them but they were over the moon. They have helped us to get everything ready for baby, not just financially but emotionally! Last week they drove down to pick me up and take me to stay up at theirs for a few days which was great as I am definitely reassured now we have everything ready for baby.

Although my pregnancy has brought people together it’s also shown me how people can change.

My Nanna is so accepting and I thought she would be the one I could turn to if anyone took it badly. Sadly this wasn’t the case when I first told her I was pregnant her response was ‘it’s not the best thing’ which hurt a lot as my Nanna was always the person I would turn to if I needed to talk to someone.

She’s eventually come round but she’s not as excited as everyone else is and considering it’s her first great grandchild I thought she’d be the one who got most excited, as much as it hurts to not get the response you want from a certain person there’s always someone who will be happy for you and support you!

Throughout my pregnancy as well as it being a beautiful and amazing experience I’ve realised it also brings a great amount of stress and worry.

My advice to other mums-to-be is to have a good support system behind you, whether that’s your partner or just a friend who listens.

This will help a great amount for the times you’re freaking out or for the times where you just want to tell someone how happy you are, having someone there to listen really helps and keeps you from going crazy!

I hope you enjoyed my first blog and I hope my little bits of advice can help you other mums-to-be. I’ll keep you updated of how me, Ben and bump are doing…

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