Moving out at 16 with my son - Kaiya’s experience - Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Moving out at 16 with my son – Kaiya’s experience

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

September last year, everything was getting too much…

I was living with my dad, the baby was still in the same room as me and I just wanted my own space. I’ve just always had this vision of him having his own room and I’m gonna decorate it and things like that so, I  went on Gumtree and typed in ‘houses to rent’ or ‘properties to rent’ in the area that I wanted, which was Liverpool.

Loads of different ones came up and I thought that was really easy. I then contacted the landlord and I’ve explained my situation, that obviously, it was gonna be hard on benefits at that moment in time and I was only 16 and I had a little boy and things like that. He was really good about it and gave me a tenancy agreement but some landlords with your age, they’re obviously like, ‘oh no’ and they step back a bit.

You can go to your direct link and they can help you. Explain your situation, how it might be overcrowded or whatever the situation is and then just see what they say. Sometimes they’ll give you an accredited landlord register and that’s a proper register of all landlords in the area that are linked with the council. So that’s what I’ve done for me new property at the moment that I’ve just moved into.

So you’ve got to find a lovely landlord or landlady but don’t just go with any property, I’d stay at home until you find the right one ‘cause my one was a nightmare when I moved into it. So I’d wait and find the right one even though it takes more time.

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