Teen Mom UK episode 1 recap and pictures: Ellie's reaction
Little Lullaby

MTV’s Teen Mom UK episode one recap: Ellie’s verdict on the new show

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby


Last night, MTV’s Teen Mom UK episode 1 aired and we got to see the 5 mothers, their beautiful children, the highs and lows that come with becoming a parent.

Already, I can’t wait to see how things work out for the girls but I have a feeling that some things won’t turn out the way we expect them to.

The show starts by introducing the mums as very different people with different lives but with one thing in common; they’re all teens. This sets the scene for the rest of the program because although the issues that they deal with are all different, there are many moments that as a mother, I can relate to on a personal level. I’m sure every other young mum can say the same.

The honesty which the mums are willing to show has me hooked already.

When we’re introduced to Chloe, she tells us upfront about her struggle with her self image since she gave birth. This is a problem that I’ve experienced and I’m sure many other new mothers have too but one that isn’t talked about enough.

It is certainly hard to say goodbye to your old body but Chloe, those people on Instagram may look skinny but I’m sure most of them haven’t achieved what you’re achieving right now! (And you still look great).

MTV’s Teen Mom UK perfectly portrays the fact that although teenage mums are primarily mothers, they are still teenagers.

Your life isn’t put on hold because you’ve had a baby. We are shown a scene of Amber having a night off from being a mother so she can have a chance to ‘have a few hours to be a normal teenager’.

There was a moment where she casually explains to a guy attempting to flirt with her that she’s a mother while he (hilariously) tries to keep his cool; something that happens to a lot of us young mums when we get an occasional night off!

Although the mums have plenty of drama to deal with, whether that’s from difficult dads or moving out of their parent’s house, they stay strong for their babies.

Feel so sorry for Megan! #TeenMomUK

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There was one moment which really spoke to me; Megan, who’s fiancé cheated on her with her ex best friend, was understandably distraught. However, as she lovingly strokes her babies head, she tells us she would ‘go to pieces if she didn’t have a baby to look after’.

Megan shows the viewers a snapshot of the inner strength that you discover when you become a mother.

In fact, all of the girls depict the unique resilience that young mums develop when we have a stigma to fight. Yes, their lives may have their fair share of drama but most adults grow up without ditching the drama. They all go to show that young mothers are strong, hard working and loving, despite the difficulties that get thrown their way.

I can’t wait for episode two!

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