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My birth story – by Cheree

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

My birth story, Cheree told us about her experience of labour.

I was in labour for three days. It was horrible – oh my God. Here’s my birth story.

The contractions were just ridiculous. I even had to lie to the hospital saying ‘oh yeah, my contractions are a few minutes apart, lasting longer than a minute’, because I couldn’t handle the pain.

This was 11 o’clock at night and I thought I was only gonna go to the hospital to get Codamine or whatever it is called. My partner and my mum came with me and I had to wait for two hours. I was sitting here at reception having like 20 something contractions. It was just so horrible and when I went in, they broke my waters. I was a week and a bit late, so it was kind of expected. So they were like ‘basically you’re having the baby today’.

How my birth story started

So they wheeled me to the birthing suite and it was really nice and new and then they were like ‘we’re going to induce you and give you Oxytocin drip’. You decided if you were going to have an epidural or not and I was like ‘most definitely I am going to have an epidural’. And so I had an epidural but they put the epidural in wrong. They put it in too far in my pelvis so I felt contractions on my right side but not on my left side.

I can’t even stress how bad the pain was ‘cause I was like ‘there is something wrong, what is going on’ and they were like ‘we don’t know what’s going on either!’.

They called in an anesthetist and they were like ‘ah, you put it into your pelvis’ and I was like ‘alright, cool, just take it out. Please just do something to make the pain go away and give me more epidural, just stop it’. It eventually eased down and basically soon after that they did the membrane sweep and I was 9.5cm. I was feeling this urge to do a poo really, I said ‘I need to do a poo’, and they said ‘it’s not, just push, just push, just push!’.

What got me through it

My partner was there, and my sister was there with me. They were just so supportive but at this point I was like ‘I can’t do this thing anymore, just suck her out of me. Just get the suction thing with the forceps or anything, just take her out now’. And they were like ‘no, you don’t need it, just push and push’.

To be really honest with you the only thing I got through with the pushing is that I thought of my dad. It sounds so cringing and everything but I literally I thought, I will do this for him every time I pushed and really that’s what got me through it. Both my sister and my partner were quite supportive.

Meeting my daughter

The hospital, the nurses would lie a little bit because they were like ‘oh we can see her head’. I put my hand there and I could not feel nothing because they were trying to support me through it. They were saying that ‘it’s nearly there’, when it really wasn’t. I pushed for about an hour from 10 -12ish and I gave birth at 11:12. Raniyah was 7.11, a healthy weight, and I remember her head circumference was 54 cm. That’s my birth story!

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