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‘My birth story’ by Libby, mum at 20

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Young mum, Libby, has shared her birth story with Little Lullaby.

When I was pregnant, I wanted a home birth and I wanted to give birth in our bath, but I was classed as high risk ‘cause Delilah was in the 97th percent centile, so even though they can’t say you’re not allowed that, they strongly, strongly advised and sort of emotionally blackmailed me as well, to go into hospital and get induced.

When I was 38 weeks I got induced because she was already 9lbs 3 and when you’re induced it works slightly different ‘cause the baby’s not actually ready to come so it could take a week for the baby to come, and it could be a lot more intense, a lot more painful, sometimes the baby’s heart rate can go all funny. So I went in on the Sunday night I got induced, my waters got broken on the Wednesday, through those couple of days there wasn’t actually much pain. I thought it was contractions but it wasn’t I think it was just cramping and then when they broke my waters I had contractions instantly.

I had 3 contractions every 10 mins lasting a minute instantly so there was no gradual build up so it was really hard to cope with, and I was terrified. I hate hospitals.

I was in a room I was unfamiliar with, the smell of hospitals worry me, everyone was screaming all the doors down, I was young I didn’t have my mum there just my boyfriend and he was trying his hardest but he didn’t really know how to console me.

I guess my body just got all tense and worried. So I asked for pethoden, which I always didn’t want, especially that drug, but I had it, it doesn’t really get rid of pain it just makes you away with the fairies. I was having gas and air as well, which just makes you a bit high.And then everything was going really quickly, and then I had an epidural and everything slowed right down and the epidural, honestly it’s amazing pain relief, it gets rid of every bit of pain but I didn’t want that, it’s great for some people but for me I didn’t want it. So I had the epidural but she got stuck and she wasn’t coming so I went to theatre, and I got a spinal block which you don’t feel anything at all you don’t even feel your face move. So yeah I didn’t feel her come out….

Honestly it’s taken me a long time to get over my birth and I think its gonna take me a long time, and I think when I’m pregnant again with my next child I’m gonna really worry, ‘cause I don’t want the birth I had with Delilah.

I’m convinced it’s because I got induced. I didn’t need to get induced. They said that if I gave birth on time, they would probably have to break her collar bones in order to get her out… I’m sorry you wouldn’t say that to someone would you unless you actually – they don’t know that. There’s lots of people who give birth to 12lb babies 11lbs babies naturally.

Even throughout my pregnancy I saw a consultant because of her size, because if she was only like 1.5% bigger she would be classed on the scale for being ‘not normal’, like they’d think something was wrong because of her size.

Anyway, I saw the consultant they were like ‘you’re young, you’re fine, you can do it’… but what I don’t think loads of people realise is when you get all those artificial hormones for inductions, your body just freaks out, it doesn’t know what it’s doing so even though my body maybe could’ve done it, it couldn’t because it went in meltdown.

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