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Little Lullaby

There is no manual for parenthood, so never give up on your goals

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Young parent Yvonne has been ticking off her personal goals by the dozen this year, so we asked her for some advice. This is what she said…

As young parents we are faced with massive challenges and fears everyday but we need to understand that it’s ok to start again when you make mistakes or even fail at a goal or even a relationship.

No one is perfect so we must learn from our mistakes and move forward because time waits for no one. Why not let go of what you don’t have control over and move forward with your life, instead of reflecting daily on the past?

My message to you all is to live on purpose and live your dreams by doing the things that make you happy, by being truthful to yourself even when you make mistakes.

Whether you are a single parent or not, children can see everything we do and they feel our energy when we are not feeling 100%, so we need to always make sure we are focusing on how to better ourselves daily by just taking little baby steps.

My three top tips would be:

  • Write goals and stick to them
  • Go back to old goals you didn’t have the chance to achieve
  • Start a new job, new course etc

It’s also really important to understand that there is no manual for parenthood.

Our lives are not destinations; our lives are daily journeys that are shaped by the decisions and actions we take every day. You may have started something in your life but you were not able to finish. It’s better to start again than to live a life of regret, or worse to live a daily lie.

You are not a failure just because you may have to finish something you started a while ago. Be proud of yourself for making a decision to better your life.

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This post was originally published on in 2013.