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I’m not a perfect mum – there’s no such thing!

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Serena, who had Skye when she was 21, explains the struggles she still has as a mum and why it doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent if you’re not perfect!

Here’s what Serena says in the video if you can’t watch it…

Hi everyone, my name’s Serena and I’m a young mum to Skye, who’s nearly four years old.

I would say that there’s no such thing as a perfect mum and a bad mum.

There’s no rules or handbook to parenting, just do your best that you can do.

One of the main struggles I have is timekeeping.

And I think that will probably get worse or might be a challenge to me when my daughter starts school this September.

Just because at the moment I work three days a week, however, on my two days off I generally have my lie-ins.

I might take a stroll to the park, go to the gym. So I’m quite relaxed.

Whereas she she starts school, even on my two days off, I will have to do the early morning starts.

So that will be quite a challenge to me, but I’m excited about it because, you know, I do need to get myself up early and be punctual.

Another challenge as well is bedtime — getting Skye in a routine.

I probably will struggle with that, especially as she will be starting school in September.

It’s probably about a 20 minute walk. However, in bad weather we might need to take the bus down which is probably about four stops, but then I’ll need to see at that time of the morning will the buses be packed with commuters because it’s on the way to a train station.

So just timing ourselves, more so me as well… making sure that I’m ready in the morning.

I don’t need a full face of makeup to take her to school!

There’s no rules or handbook to parenting, don’t doubt yourself.

Especially if you’re a first time mum, you’re learning so don’t beat yourself up over it.

The great thing is that you’ve got these forums, charities like The Lullaby Trust and Little Lullaby who are there to support you and give you guidance as well.

Go to as many mum and baby groups that you can do, just to get out there and network and socialise.

And you can learn tips and share ideas with other mums who are in the same situation as you.

Especially if they are a single mum or they haven’t got any support as well. And that’s the best advice I can give, just sharing information with other local mums.

You could maybe live in one part of the country and bond with another mum who lives in another part of the country, but just showing each other support.

That’s the good thing about the internet; it connects you to a lot of people worldwide.

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