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What to pack in your baby bag

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Young mum-of-two Sophie runs through what she packs every day in her baby bag when she’s out and about with Delilah and Indiana 🙂

Here’s what Sophie says in the video if you can’t watch it…

Hello, it’s Mummy Deer here (AKA Sophie). This is my changing bag and today I’m going to talk about what I lug around with two tiny humans.

Now I’ve got a two year old called Delilah and I’ve got a little baby called Indiana. And they need a lot of stuff for two tiny people, so I’m going to go through with you what I bring.

The baby bag I use

So firstly, nappy changing bag, some people have backpacks or handbags. This was from Primark, it was quite a bargain but it goes really well with my pram and it’s just what I’m using at the moment.

It’s got good handles, you can wipe clean. There are some really good Instagram brands that do really good changing bag.


So, firstly don’t ever forget nappies. If you forget nappies, karma is gonna make sure there is a nappy explosion somewehere. Really embarrassing!


Wipes for everything… bums, sticky fingers, everything. You will always need wipes, so keep them on you.


Keys because obviously, I forgot them and locked myself out quite a few times. So if I don’t have that for me then that’s quite a worry…

Spare change of clothes

Because the mess they make when we’re out for lunch is just phenomenal. So always get a spare change of clothes.


Always carry toys, any situation just to distract them and get them to be playing so they’re not bored.

If you’re on a long journey — on a bus they always seem to get bored so it’s handy to do it then.


Snacks, always carry little nibbly bits for them, in case they get hungry. They always get hungry when you’re in a place when you can’t find anywhere to buy something ever.

My friend Joely is just a saviour, she always brings up a fridge full of food, which is a God-send. She is an organised mum.

A ‘me’ bag

I think every mum should do this because, when you’re going throughout the day, it can be tiring and stressful.

So I always make sure I pack some bits for me. In here I’ve got things like medication, hand cream, mirror, tampons, I’ve got lip gloss. Just general things to keep me on the go during the day to keep me fresh.


Next we’ve got dummies. Always make sure you pack dummies just in case your baby uses them.

Writing pad

I always carry a writing pad because baby brain has absolutely ruined me completely. I’m so forgetful now so its just really important to keep things in check. Because I always forget to buy milk.

Muslin cloths

For self-explanatory, cleansing reasons.

Spare socks

Because everytime I got to the play area, they always fall off and then I have to buy a pair there and it’s just… I always bring them just in case.


For myself, ’cause you never know, we might actually get a bit of sun sometime.

Juice and water

I always bring water for me because it’s so tiring and exhausting looking after two little people, and I don’t want to faint or anything so make sure you stay hydrated. And it keeps you all going for the day.

So this is my bag and this is what I bring out. And this weighs probably about 4 stone and it’s ridiculous. But I need everything in it.

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