Parenting hasn't been easy but here we are, together, 2 years later - Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Parenting hasn’t been easy but here we are, together, 2 years later

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Ellie, Liam and Isaac

Liam and I had only been together for 6 months when I found out I was pregnant. I wasn’t too scared because I knew that no matter what happened, Liam would be an amazing father. However, I had no idea how a baby would impact our relationship.

We’ve been together three and a bit years now and have the most wonderful almost 2 year old little boy.

Parenting together has been full of challenges and it can still be difficult now.

I expect it to be until our children are grown up at least, but there is no one I would rather face those challenges with.

One of the biggest challenges was accepting the fact that our relationship would never be the same as it was before I had Isaac.

No more spontaneous dates or nights out, no more drinking together or even sharing a bed…

Liam is a very light sleeper and the sound of me breastfeeding Isaac at night kept him awake, there wasn’t much point in the both of us being sleep deprived!

So basically, we couldn’t be like any other couple that we knew in their late teens/ early twenties.

It took a while to get used to the fact that we had only had 6 months of it being just the two of us and we were going to have to wait years for it to be like that again.

We wouldn’t change Isaac being here for the world but it did put a strain on our relationship for the first year or so until we both accepted it and Isaac didn’t rely on breast milk as much, making it easier for us to have dates together.

Now, I think it makes us appreciate any alone time a lot more, even if we just stay in and watch a film.

When you have a child, you have to consider them in literally every decision you make.

I believe this has made us fight for our relationship a lot more.

When you haven’t got a child at the centre of your relationship, it’s easy to just walk away during a rough patch. We’ve managed to survive the rough patches as we’ve had to consider Isaac and we’ve come out stronger at the other end.

As soon as Isaac was born and placed on my chest, I had never felt so much love before.

Then when Liam held Isaac for the first time, I saw him feeling that same rush of love and I also felt overwhelming love for Liam.

My favourite thing is seeing my two boys laughing and playing together and just seeing how much they love each other.

We went from being a couple to a family when Isaac was born and I feel so safe and at home with my little family, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because I’m young, I’ve had a few people who I barely know ask me if I’m still with Isaac’s father.

There’s nothing wrong with being a single parent at all, but it’s wrong for them to assume I am.

I feel like telling them that actually we are and he supported me through labour, breastfeeding and everything else wonderfully.

Liam and I have managed to give Isaac the best life we can while facing the challenges that most young parents deal with, such as sticking to a budget and fighting stigma.

I think the key to this is communication, support and finding the time for one another.

Also, not assuming that it will be easy, because it’s been incredibly difficult at some points but here we are, together, nearly 2 years later.

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