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Phoebe – My birth story

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Little Lullaby

Hi my name is Phoebe and I’m a mummy to a beautiful 9-month-old baby boy Azhari,  This is my birth story.

I fell pregnant at 17 and gave birth just after I turned 18. My pregnancy was absolutely amazing, I found out I was pregnant just after I was 8 weeks, I couldn’t get my head around I had a little egg inside me growing! My first scan was on the 19 December at St Thomas Hospital. I was amazed when I saw my baby on the screen in the hospital it was a surreal moment. After I hit the 20-week mark, my midwife had some concerns Azhari was slightly small as my bump regularly measured 3 weeks behind so I had regular growth scans to keep check on Azhari’s weight, however he arrived a healthy 6 pound 3!

I didn’t focus to much on a birth plan as I didn’t want to plan something that may have not worked out, but I made sure I was very organised and prepared – I had my hospitals bag packed from 20 weeks! However, trying to have a natural birth with no pain relief was my wish and it did turn out exactly how I wanted it. On the morning of the 23 June I saw my midwife and I told her ‘I think I’m in labour’, I had full blown contractions, my tummy was tightening and I could barely walk however she told me it was Braxton Hicks and I wasn’t in labour!

I went home bounced on my pregnancy ball and had hot baths. Things got very real – I was having long anPhoebe when she was pregnantd painful contractions so my mum and my nan took me straight to the birth centre. I was examined and they had told me I was 7cm and the baby should be here very soon! I was taken to my own private room and by then I was in absolute agony so I asked if I could have pethidine. Weirdly my waters didn’t break until I was roughly around 8cms! They allowed me to swap my birthing partners so my mum left and son’s father arrived and supported me up until Azhari was ready to come.

He was born at 1:53am on the 24 June 2020, the best day of my life! Giving birth while in the middle of the pandemic wasn’t really hard, what I felt most uncomfortable about it was that I wasn’t allowed any plus ones with me for all my scans or appointments and I felt like they were such special moments that I had to experience on my own.

During my time at the hospital, I felt immense pressure from the midwifes to breastfeed in which I already decided I didn’t want to do, one of them said to me if I didn’t show them I could breastfeed they’re not going to discharge us! I ended up getting into an argument with her and eventually was discharged! It sounds crazy but I cannot wait to go into labour again, the feeling was amazing and I cannot wait to experience it all again. If there’s any mummies-to-be reading this please do not worry about a thing, labour is scary but stay calm and don’t overthink enjoy it as it goes so quickly!

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