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Pregnancy: the hidden truth

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Little Lullaby

Pregnant mum-to-be takes a mirror selfie

Hey honeys, so I thought I’d do a post on the hidden truths of pregnancy, the stuff people don’t tell you. The stuff you would rather know now than find out one day.

1. You can throw up throughout labour.

This was so unexpected and I didn’t even realise it was a thing but yes it is. Before I went to hospital, on the triage floor while I waited to be seen… you know. Just about anywhere.

2. The kicking…

All cute and exciting at first but when you get to maybe 40 weeks and the baby is getting pretty big it physically hurts. Almost like you’re being battered from the inside.. and being emotionally battered from the outside.

3. The emotions.

You cruel emotions!! Forever crying. I mean to the point I didn’t shake the mayo before trying to use it and that watery bit that came out first (the bit that looks slightly suspect). Cried my eyes out. I mean BAWLING.

4. Balance.

This is one thing people forget to mention. I had the balance of a dancer before pregnancy. During it I was more like a sloth.

Some days I’d get out of bed and fall straight to the floor… running up the stairs? IMPOSSIBLE.

5. Constantly having my personal space invaded.

“Aw aren’t you big you’re all baby aren’t you?” That was what a midwife said when she saw me. Thanks skinny Minnie.

6. Hot flushes…

Working in a nursing home that is constantly hot, being pregnant throughout summer.

Man, surely it’s illegal to work when you’re that hot. Sweating in places I didn’t know existed.

7. Going off your favourites.

So you know all day you’re really excited to get home and eat that big fat piece of steak, yet you then smell it cooking. NO WAY. I am not eating that.

But I love steak. Not no more Mumma. Cups of tea also I loved tea and even now I still don’t drink it.

8. Stretch marks.

When you have your wonderful bundle of joy you’ll get asked “did you get stretch marks?” They mean on your tummy not the ones across your thighs, your hips and your now muffin tops.

9. The constipation.

A sore subject. Quite literally… I don’t think I went to the loo properly until I went into labour. Depressing I know.

10. Your man.

He’s your rock, the love of your life, but bear in mind he’s not going through this like you are physically, so he doesn’t mean to piss you off.

He doesn’t mean to breathe so loud and he doesn’t mean to annoy the shit out of you honestly!

11. Morning sickness.

So people tell you about morning sickness but that’s what they describe it as: ‘morning sickness’. Not ‘any time — day or night sickness’!

12. Last but not least, peeing.

CONSTANT FLOW. No matter where — whether you’re walking round your favourite shop in London and you sneeze BAM that’s it. Whether you like it or not.

In no way is this to put anyone off children because I love my little boy to the moon and back I honestly do, but pregnancy is hard! REALLY hard it’s not a breeze like everyone thinks and if it was for you then lucky you!

It’s so worth it at the end when they put that little human on your chest after the hours of labour. Believe me it is. I don’t mean to dishearten anyone in the slightest.

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