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Little Lullaby is part of The Lullaby Trust, who provide expert advice on safer sleep for babies, support bereaved families and raise awareness of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). 

The Lullaby Trust has produced several factsheets, infographics and other materials that can help advise young parents about SIDS and safer sleep for babies.

These resources can be downloaded below. Alternatively, you can order them directly from The Lullaby Trust website.

Promotional materials

You can help spread the word about Little Lullaby by downloading our promotional materials including flyers and business cards.


True or false 

Our true or false cards are a useful activity to communicate how to reduce the risks of SIDS to parents. They can be used for workshops, sessions with parents or any other type of meeting you choose. You can download the True or False cards here as well as the guidelines on how to use them, here.

‘Spot the risks’

This interactive worksheet is an engaging way to help communicate safer sleeping advice in workshops or other training sessions. Download a copy here.

‘Make a room’ 

This is a visual toolkit demonstrating the ideal sleeping environment for a baby and communicates safer sleeping advice in an interactive way. Download a copy here.



The Lullaby Trust have developed a series of factsheets to help parents and carers with some of the key questions we are asked about our advice. If you have a question about a piece of advice that does not yet have a factsheet or you have any other query, please email

Please note these factsheets are designed to support our key advice and do not go into detail about the research behind the advice. The Lullaby Trust’s Evidence Base goes into detail about the research into SIDS that has informed our advice.

Unicef baby publications

The Lullaby Trust has worked with Unicef in the wording on two publications to support families and professionals with the challenge of addressing co-sleeping given the association with SIDS. You might be interested in reading the two Unicef Baby Friendly publications, which are both endorsed by The Lullaby Trust.

Easy read card

Our easy read cards give simple advice about the things parents can do to reduce the risk of SIDS, and the things to avoid. They are available to download in many different languages, which can all be downloaded at The Lullaby Trust website.

Safer sleep for professionals

This guide is produced by The Lullaby Trust to give professionals who work closely with new parents an overview of the main risk factors associated with SIDS. Download the guide in PDF format here.

Download videos

If you have any questions about the safer sleep resources we provide, please feel free to contact us at If you would like to work with us, you can find out more here.