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Little Lullaby

Proudest moment as a mum – what’s yours?

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Our young parents share what has been their proudest moment as a mum and how that makes them feel as parents. 

Highlights from our young parents vlog about their proudest moment as a mum:

‘I breastfed Isaac at the highest point in England!’

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My proudest moment as a mum is just knowing that I have made my children the way that they are. A lot of people come up to me and they always say I don’t know how you have done it, your kids are so well behaved. And I am just like I am always so proud of the fact that my children are always like they have never had problems with other children. Or their parents and everything come up to me and say ‘Wow your children are really well behaved and they are so polite’, and I am like wow that does for me that is me doing that I have made them amazing human beings.


I think seeing how happy and content he is. Everyone says like how much of a happy baby he is, how content he is. So yeah, that’s my proudest.


OK I have got a lot of moments that I am proud of, a lot that I am not so proud of as well, but I think when we climbed Scafell Pike as a family, me and my partner and I had Oliver in the baby carrier on my back. Isaac walked some of the way and went on Liam’s shoulders for the rest of it and when we got to the top it was the best feeling. I breastfed Oliver at the highest point in England, so I was very proud of that, it was definitely my greatest physical achievement. I think that I am so proud when Isaac does something really kind or like when they laugh and they are having fun and it makes me feel proud and like heart-warming moment like they are doing that because I taught them how to do that.


I think coming home with her. There has been times when I like look at her and I am like I made you. But I definitely think finally coming home with her because I had the C-section I couldn’t walk, couldn’t stand up, couldn’t do anything, but I was determined to get home. So we come home the next day, the next night and so we started from there. The first putting her in her crib I think that made me really happy now that she is finally here.


I think my proudest moment as a mum, well I’ve got a lot but my most recent one is… Zarah can count to eight now. So she actually says the number eight:

Elsa: one

Zarah: two

Elsa: two

Zarah: three

Elsa: four

Zarah: six

Elsa: Okay…seven…

Zarah: eight!

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