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I couldn’t continue university after falling pregnant

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Shilpa was pregnant during her first year at university but unfortunately couldn’t continue university after falling pregnant.

I was pregnant during my first year at uni and I finished off my first year and I finished off the second year being heavily pregnant.

Obviously I took maternity leave, which didn’t help ‘cause when I came back, I was back doing the second year from the beginning. I just couldn’t get my brain to adjust to the heavy work load and I just could not settle.

My tutors were supportive when I told them that I wasn’t ready to come back, they sort of said, “look, if you’re not happy being here and you don’t feel you are ready to come back, it’s fine”, “you know, if you want to take off this time to revaluate what you want to do”, they were fully supportive of that.

I just feel like if there was some sort of way of me coming back to do the course from the beginning maybe it would be fresh in my mind and having that time off in the first place, I think that’s what took me back a bit. I didn’t know what to think. I was just like “wow everything is so fresh and new to me and it’s so much work to do in the second year”. I needed a recap session before I went in there.

The study gap was too long for me and I was too nervous.

I think my advice to other young parents would be, if they are going to carry on that same subject after they have had their child, maybe have that practice or whatever you are studying try to keep reading on that and keep it fresh in your mind so that when you do decide to go back it’s not so daunting. So for me, it was like I felt I had literally spaghetti brains. A lot of people say that when you have a child your brain becomes like a sieve, you just can’t hold anything in it.

As time went on I have realised I am much more smarter than I thought I was in the first place. I think my advice would be keep at it and keep it fresh in your head.

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