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“I could feel every… single… thing!” Richelle’s birth story

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

She’s already told us her tips for studying while pregnant and how her family reacted to her pregnancy when she was 16. And now Richelle’s telling all about her birth to her beautiful bubba Zac in her new vlog…

And here’s what Richelle said in the vlog in case you can’t watch it…

How were your contractions?

It just felt like someone was just poking my womb. It felt like he was weighing heavy, that’s what it was. And then, at 11 on Saturday night, it started to get worse. I called his dad; I cussed his dad… oh yeah! [Laughs]

I told [his dad] to come and then I hung up the phone because he was annoying me. He called my mum, and then when I went  downstairs to wake up my mum she was awake on the phone to him.

While I was in the car, my mum was laughing at me. I was crying a bit because the pains were really… it would go and you’d count for 3 seconds and then it would just come back and it would come back harder.

What happened when you got to the hospital?

When I got out the car, I couldn’t really walk so I basically crawled in. [Laughs] Well, not really, but I was crouched down, walking to A&E and then I can’t go through A&E so I had to go round
the front; that’s when I could feel every… single… thing!

I felt like my bones were crushing and then when we got into the reception, my water broke. And that’s when… just [makes water noise] all over the pretty little carpet, and it felt worse.

When I got into the elevator ’cause it’s on the 8th floor. So that was kind of a long journey up there. When I climbed on the bed and everything, [Zac] was already there. His dad fainted, and 3 pushes later, Zac was born.

How did you feel?

He didn’t cry for, like… it felt like 2 minutes. I was like ‘Why isn’t he crying?’ They did some… [suction]… and then he started to cry.

From then, ’cause I started to bleed quite a lot; he was on my chest but they passed him to my mum so they had to deal with me.

So I felt kind of… I felt happy, I felt overwhelmed. And… I was just staring at him really, but then they gave me the gas and air so everything went woozy.

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