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Your rights at work: Sophie’s advice

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Young mum of two Sophie has used her experience as a working mother to help others by working with groups such as the Young Women’s Trust and Best Beginnings.

Here, Sophie describes how her employer offered support during her pregnancy and what advice she would give to other working young mums:

What did your workplace do that was helpful in looking after your health and reducing stress in your pregnancy?

“Most importantly, I didn’t have to ask them. They did everything for me, from health and safety checks, to talking about my maternity pay and options and even offering me free pilates classes.

“They knew what to do, which relieved me of so much stress and showed that they really cared about me and my unborn child.”

What was the most important piece of advice you got from your employers about managing your health and reducing stress in your pregnancy?

“Simply: ‘If it gets too much, let us know.’”

What do you think would encourage more young mums to talk openly about the stress they are feeling?

“A forum, chat line or someone at work like their manager (if friendly!). Or midwives are good to chat to.

What tips would you give to other young mums about reducing their stress at work?

“Know what to expect and be prepared. Let your work know early about antenatal appointments, health checks, etc. instead of finding the courage to go to your boss every time.”

What organisations would you recommend to help young pregnant women reduce their stress at work?

“Little Lullaby, Best Beginnings and National Childbirth Trust (NCT) (my local branch has a young mum group).”

Take Sophie’s advice and know your rights!

Research by the Power to the Bump campaign has shown that young women are more likely to experience negative and potentially discriminatory experiences related to their pregnancy and maternity in the workplace.

So they’re spreading the word about the rights that young parents and pregnant mums have in employment. They’ve even got vloggers and bloggers involved too, who’ve given their top tips on your rights at work in the video below:

More information

For more information on your rights at work and to read more about the five tips above, visit the Power to the Bump website.