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Room temperature and safer sleep advice

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Baby sleeping in a cot

Babies that get too hot have a greater chance of SIDS. The Lullaby Trust recommends keeping the room where your baby sleeps at a fairly cool temperature of 16-20°. We understand that this can be more difficult in summer months or when you’re away somewhere warm.

If the room where the baby sleeps is difficult to cool, use lighter bedding and clothing and open the bedroom door and a window (if it is safe to do so). Baby sleep bags will have guidance on what tog to use for each season.

You can use a fan to cool the room, but don’t aim it directly on your baby. A room thermometer can help you to make sure the room is at the right temperature.

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You can find more information about sleeping your baby safely and reducing the risk of SIDS on our safer sleep for babies advice pages.