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A clear cot

A clear cot is a safer cot.

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Little Lullaby

Babies need just a few basic items for sleep, including a firm, flat, waterproof mattress and some bedding.

We advise that if you choose use sheets and blankets that you make sure they are firmly tucked in, no higher than the baby’s shoulders and they are placed on their back in the feet to foot position.

A baby sleep bag is a good option as it reduces the risk of blankets and sheets being kicked off and covering babies head and is a safer option than using loose bedding, which we wouldn’t recommend. Baby sleep bags should be well fitted, so the baby can’t wriggle down inside. Most sleep bag manufactures will recommend a sleep bag is used when baby is a certain weight, rather than age

There is evidence to suggest that babies are at higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) if they have their heads covered, and some items added to a cot may increase the risk of head-covering. Our advice is simple: a clear cot is a safer cot.

Choosing sleeping products for your baby

Placing unnecessary items in a Moses basket or baby’s cot can increase the risk of accidents. We recommend babies are slept in cots or Moses baskets that are kept as clear as possible and specifically advise:

  • No pillows or duvets
  • No cot bumpers
  • No soft toys
  • No pods, nests or raised or cushioned surfaces
  • No loose bedding
  • No products (such as wedges or straps) that will keep your baby in one sleeping position

If you have any questions about safer sleep advice, please feel free to get in touch at info@littlelullaby.org.uk.