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Co-sleeping with your baby

Co-sleeping with your baby.

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Some parents choose to co-sleep with their babies. This means that their baby shares the same adult bed as them for most of the night.

The safest place for your baby to sleep for the first six months is in a cot or Moses basket in the same room as  you. This applies for day and night time sleeps.

It’s really dangerous to fall asleep  with a baby on a sofa or armchair, and it is also risky to sleep a baby alone in, or on, an adult bed.

When you shouldn’t co-sleep

Bed sharing increases the chance of SIDS and is particularly dangerous if:

  • Either you or your partner smokes (even if you do not smoke in the bedroom)
  • Either you or your partner has drunk alcohol or taken drugs (including medications that may make you drowsy)
  • Your baby was born premature (37 weeks or less)
  • Your baby was born at a low weight (2.5kg or 5½ lbs or less)

You should never co-sleep with your baby if any of the above points apply to you. You must also be careful when feeding your baby that you’re not in a position where you could both fall asleep in the bed together.

If you choose to co-sleep with your baby

If you choose to co-sleep with your baby, it’s important that you are informed about how to reduce the risks.

  • Ensure there are no pillows, sheets, blankets or any other items in the bed with you. This is because these items  could obstruct your baby’s breathing or cause them to overheat. A high number of babies who die as a result of SIDS are found with their head covered by loose bedding
  • Follow our safer sleep advice to reduce the risk of SIDS

Please read our fact sheet on bed sharing for more information.

If you have any questions about co-sleeping, please feel free to contact and a member of the team will be in touch.