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Information on sleeping twin babies safely and how to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

If you have twins, you might decide  to sleep them in their own Moses baskets or cots from birth, or you may decide to co-bed them in the early weeks and months.

What is co-bedding?

Co-bedding is when twins sleep together in the same cot. Whether you decide to sleep your babies in the same cot or separately, the risk of SIDS will be greatly reduced if you follow all of our safer sleep advice for each baby, day and night.

Things to know about co-bedding

Whichever decision you make, it’s very important that you follow our safer sleep advice for both babies’ day and night sleeps including:

  • Sleeping both babies on their backs
  • Using a firm and flat mattress that is protected by a waterproof cover
  • Keeping your babies smoke free during pregnancy and after birth
  • Remember they should sleep in the same room as you (day and night time sleeps)for the first six months

Things to know about co-bedding multiple babies

  • Only place them side-by-side in a cot in the early weeks, when they can’t roll over or onto each other. Make sure they are not close enough to touch and block each other’s breathing
  • Don’t use rolled up towels, pillows or anything else between their heads. The use of cot dividers is not recommended as these can be dangerous for your babies.
  • It might be good to start sleeping them at opposite ends of their cot from the beginning – this means they’ll both be in the ‘feet to foot’ position (feet against the foot of the cot) with their own bedding firmly tucked in. Baby sleeping bags are a good option once baby’s weight reaches 8.8lbs or 4kg
  • Once either of your babies have learnt to roll, you should move them to their own cot. This is to stop one baby from blocking the breathing of the other, or causing an accident
  • We would not advise placing your twins in the same Moses basket, even when they are very small. This is to make sure they don’t overheat, which can increase the chance of SIDS

Find out more about safer sleep for twin babies, here. Please read our fact sheet on safer sleep for twin babies.

If you have any questions about safer sleep advice and twins, please feel free to get in touch at