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Safety on the net

This site is for you to enjoy, meet other young parents, chat and share advice.

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Remember to be careful about what personal information you give on Little Lullaby’s website as it will be available to anyone who visits. Please do not give out your phone number or address to anyone or any information that could identify you outside of the site.

Please be careful when sharing images or choosing a profile picture, particularly if the image includes your baby or child.

If you choose to meet up with someone personally, then always arrange a place in public like a cafe, tell someone where you are going and what time you will be back and stick to your plans.

Little Lullaby is moderated by real people, and we have the right to remove any material or post you make on our site, if we think it is inappropriate or in breach of our terms and conditions.

If you are worried or offended about anything that is written on this site, then please let someone close to you, like a parent, teacher or good friend, know and get in touch with us at