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Little Lullaby

How to make Christmas special on a budget

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

Young mums Jayde, Sharna, Loren, Ellie and Richelle’s advice on saving money at Christmas – and what babies definitely don’t need…

Here are our girls’ tips from the video if you can’t watch it…

1. Jayde: Babies don’t need expensive toys

This is my son’s second Christmas, and this Christmas I will not be spending as much money as I did last Christmas! Children don’t even really bother about how much or how expensive the toys are so I would recommend maybe clothes, not so much toys.

Or I would say even expensive toys, but maybe buy cheaper ones.

2. Sharna: Make DIY Christmas decorations with the little ones

You can make Christmas decorations using salt dough. You can either air-dry it or put it in the oven, and then they can decorate it and it will also allow you to do things that you need to do as a parent, whilst they’re decorating them.

It’s also a cheaper alternative to spending loads of money on decorations and it will be something you can keep for many years to come.

3. Loren: Make a plan!

So, my Christmas tip would be to set a budget and to shop online so you’re not tempted to pick up unnecessary stuff.

It helps to write a list of the things that you’re gonna buy so you don’t go off-track and buy stuff that you don’t really need.

4. Ellie: Consider making your baby’s Christmas present

So, this year we’re making Isaac’s Christmas present – Liam’s gonna make some wooden blocks that we can stack for him and I’m gonna paint them to make it a little bit more special for him.

5. Richelle: Make use of loyalty cards – and don’t buy too much

So, my advice to saving money on Christmas is basically knowing what you want to buy and comparing between stores on which is actually cheaper.

Some stores offer a card where you can put your points on and then in every quarter you’ll get voucher money off. Sometimes it starts from £1.50 and you can get up to £30 off whatever the
price is. So if it’s £30 you pay nothing you just give them the card and that will be it.

I recommend that mums shop before Christmas time. So, Black Friday is the best time to buy Christmas presents for babies. They don’t need that much so don’t overdo it.

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