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Starting your child at nursery: Leigh’s experience

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Excitement, anxiety, worry – starting your child at nursery can throw up a whole mix of emotions!

Young mum Leigh shares her experience of her son, Jayden starting nursery and some questions to ask beforehand.

Here’s what Leigh says in the video if you can’t watch it…

Jayden first started nursery when he was 2, he got the 15 hours free funding.

I didn’t really know much about that at first until my family nurses told me but when he first started, I wasn’t really sure that I wanted to send him. I was like ‘no he’s still my baby, he’s still too young.’

Then on his first day he cried and cried and cried, I couldn’t leave him at all.

For 3 months he would cling on to me, he would cry and it made me feel worse when I left because I wanted to go back and get him.

But then every day I picked him up they told me ‘aw he’s been good, as soon as you left he was happy, he went off and played.’ So that made me feel a bit more at ease.

And then he got a place in full time nursery so by then my nephew was going there as well so they was both in the same class. I felt more at ease now knowing he had someone to play with.

At first when I first started, even coming to Little Lullaby, he would sit on my lap and he wouldn’t move the whole time.

Even if I went to the toilet he would scream for me but then as soon as he started nursery, he sort of started going off.

Even when I go to the park now he’ll go off and play by himself and he’ll come back, to make sure your still there but then he knows. So he’s become a lot more independent.

I think other young mums are gonna be scared but you have to go through that stage ‘cause if you don’t then they’re just going to be wanting to be with you all the time.

You need to have that bit of your own time as well as the time with your child.

So I would advise, although you might be scared – even go view the nursery first and then when they first start, then like spend a couple of days with them there so you can see how the nursery runs.

And then you wont be as scared to just drop them off and then go and as you would if you just had to leave them there the first day.

So maybe just talk to the nursery that you’re gonna put your child in and just have a look around.

Make sure that you feel comfortable with it before you start sending your child there.

At first I didn’t know what to ask but then my mum was like, ‘oh you should go and ask.’ Like make sure they are all CRB checked and like he wasn’t potty trained at first and I was worried about that as well because they’d have to change his nappy and stuff.

But I think once you ask the questions you want to ask like what are their policies and procedures and like if something happened like would they contact you straight away.

Once you’ve asked them and they’ve given the answers, you don’t have so much anxiety and you sort of know the answers that you want, you’re gonna know your child is safe basically.

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