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6 tips for staying focused on your future as a young parent

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

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Sometimes, it’s hard to stay focused on our goals because they seem so far off in the distant future. So how are we supposed to stay motivated for something we’re looking to achieve one, two, three, or even five years from now?

No doubt it’s difficult. But it is doable. Here are my tips on how to stay focused on those goals when at times they can seem nearly impossible.

1. Make a plan

So you have decided on what you want to do with your life. Whatever it is you have chosen to do, whether it become a career woman in a profession, an entrepreneur, a great actress or even a skilled apprentice, you will need a plan on how to get where it is you want to be.

Will you need to go to university? Qualify as an apprentice in a trade or skill? Explore a volunteering position in the area you like?

Take a pen and paper, write down where you currently are now and make a list of the steps you need to take to get where you want to be and anything that you feel can help you along the way.

2. Develop milestones towards your goal

Creating milestones that are reasonable and achievable help to maintain focus and make us feel good when we complete them.

Celebrate the small accomplishments (assignments, coursework, exams, weeks that you think will never end). Every milestone you reach is one step closer to what it is you want to achieve overall. So take it step by step.

3. Schedule time for your family

Trying to stay focused on a goal takes a lot of time, hard work and dedication. At times it can be EXHAUSTING!

Make sure you still make that time for your family. Give yourself an hour or 2 away from the laptop or phone and spend that time with the little ones. They don’t stay little forever.

After hours of uni work and coursework at home, my favourite part of the day was the story I would read to Joseph before bed. It’d always remind me that all the hard work would be worth it in the end.

It isn’t possible to give our little ones our undivided attention every moment of every day, but remember it’s the quality of time spent together that is the most important.

4. Make time for yourself.

Busy being a mum and busy trying to get through all the work you have to do? But what about you?

A little tip — you will never be your best self if you are running on empty. Make sure you set a little time a side for yourself.

This may be something as little as taking a bath (when the children are in bed of course… because everybody in the house will need a wee as soon as you get in the bath!), taking that gym class you’ve been dying to try, getting your nails done, or even going on a night out with your friends.

We all need a little self love to keep us happy.

5. Surround yourself with people who inspire you.

There is nothing more tiring or draining than people who react to your hopes and ambitions by rolling their eyes and  a sarcastic or pessimistic comment.

These experiences can sometimes be so disheartening that you walk away questioning if you are even on the right path.

Their reaction says more about them than it does about you or your ambitions. Do not let these people bring you down. Surrounding yourself with people who understand you and want to see you succeed makes the road to success a much easier and happier experience.

This may be people who are currently undergoing the same training as you, close friends and family, or even just the people we meet in the unlikeliest of situations.

Sometimes inspirational Youtubers or even TED talks can help keep you motivated and focused just through positive speaking.

6. If things aren’t going to plan… don’t stress too much.

Things don’t always work out EXACTLY how you want them to… it doesn’t mean that you won’t get there eventually. When we start on a path, we can find many different routes to our destination. Even the destination may change. This is no different in life goals. Explore different avenues to get to where you’d like to be.

Remember, some of the most famous and successful people in the world have tried and failed. But the reason they got to be so successful is through sheer determination.

You are the only person who can make these things happen for yourself. So if you truly want something stay focused, stay motivated, and never give up.