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“Now ain’t the time to be having contractions!” Stephanie’s birth story

Little Lullaby
Little Lullaby

In the final of our birth story vlogs, young mum Stephanie tells us all the details of when she gave birth to the lovely Joshua.

Here’s what Stephanie says in her video if you can’t watch it:

I was having these strange pains in my stomach – I went back to sleep, woke up, and then at 7 ‘o’ clock on the dot this intense pain just caught me and I was like, ‘what is this?’ and I was like, ‘oh my gosh…’ I started to freak out… ‘I’m having contractions.’ But because it’s my niece’s birthday, now ain’t the time or place to be having contractions, is it? That’s really rude – that’s someone
else’s birthday party!

So I kept it going interacting with everyone, and I’d told my birthing partner throughout the party, ‘Look guys, I’m having contractions, it’s this far apart…’

I went to the hospital about 9.30 in the evening and I didn’t get seen ’til about 11. And then when I finally got seen, she was like, ‘you’re 1 centimetre dilated’, and I was like ‘you’re having a bubble… no! This is not true’. And she was like, ‘yeah you are’.

So I went to the toilet, and as I’m about to pull my trousers up, my waters just broke and I was like… I freaked out and I was like ‘nurse! cousin! Someone help me!’

She said my water had broken but because you gotta wait 48 hours before you actually have to get admitted to hospital she was like ‘yea, you can go home.’ So now we’re driving round dropping my cousin back home.

I was there [at home]… I kept getting in and out of the bath. My grandma was like, ‘We need to call an ambulance.’ And I was like, ‘Ambulance? ‘What’s that gonna do? I was told at the antenatal class that you’re not a priority, this is normal, people give birth all the time – they’re not gonna come.’

My gran’s howling at me to call the ambulance. So I called them and they were like ‘Alright love, we’ll get there when we get there,’ and I’ve gone ‘that’s not helped, has it?’

So we’ve called my other birthing partner who’s come down from Walthamstow now. She’s come down, she’s picked us up, gone to the hospital. They’ve admitted me in, she’s put me in the birthing centre, I’ve opted for a water birth.

It was really painful, I was crying, and my cousins found it so funny ’cause they were like, ‘You’re only 2 centimetres, why you crying for?’ And I was like, ‘the pain is really bad.’

But then I remembered back to my antenatal class and she was like, you need to get yourself into your own rythym. So, my rythym was, everytime there was a contraction, I would stand up, sway my hips and they’ve got that little string, that rope that hangs from the ceiling… swing on that. Then sit back down, breathe… and it just kept coming and coming and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh I’m gonna die.’

And then I don’t know where time went, ’cause when they checked me in the delivery suite I was 10 centimetres dilated but then they put a drip in my arm because I’m fully dilated but he’s still high up. And then I think I done something, like, 2 pushes and then Joshua was out.

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