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Super-dad at 19: Anthony’s story

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A young dad of two who also took his niece and nephew under his wing when their mother could no longer care for them has starred in the latest episode of Channel 4’s Top Dad documentary.

Anthony was aged 17 when he had his first child and was 19 when he and his partner welcomed their second into the world.

In 2009, his sister was involved in a car accident and suffered minor brain damage which led to her abusing alcohol and being unable to cope with taking care of her two children.

“My sister had said that there is no one in the family who can go forward and take the children on apart from me,’ Anthony tells Top Dad presenter Ashley Walters, a father of seven kids. ‘This has given her a second chance to get back on her feet.”

Anthony went on to explain that his own childhood in care was one of the reasons why he took on this responsibility: ‘One of the main things I had to think about was whether they would receive the same love and support and guidance growing up in adoption or in foster care as they would in their family.

“I don’t want to get too philosophical but I think where I’ve come from in life, being in the system and going through care, I reckon that alone wouldn’t allow me to let them go through it as well.

“Growing up being in care, I had all these visions and premonitions of what I would have wanted to do with my dad like fishing or kicking a ball in the park. That’s now what I’m trying to implement and put in place for my kids and just do everything [for them] that I didn’t have.”

Watch the full episode of Top Dad on the Channel 4 website.